Our History

The idea arose from a need that I felt as a client when in 2009, I wanted to send some flowers to my girlfriend and tried to find a flower shop that would allow me to order online without finding any. From that moment I gave I realized that there was a need that nobody had satisfied. I started a research project to learn more about the florist business and everything related to it and so I found an industry that, in general terms, had not evolved; rather it had stagnated in a business model that did not seem to adapt to the new needs and characteristics of consumers.

The Bloomery is a company founded in South Africa that began operations as of May 2019. It was born with the aim of making the client and the person who receives the flowers or gifts live an entire experience, an unforgettable moment that encompasses much more than just the purchase of something through an online store.

To date we have the largest network of florists in South Africa which are distinguished by their professionalism and design and product quality. All of them have great experience in the field of floral industry and are leaders in each of their locations. The Bloomery is responsible for monitoring the quality of each delivery day by day to ensure you the best service and the best shopping experience in South Africa.

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