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The Orchid continues to be kept in high respect since ancient times. They suggest: Love, Beauty, Fertility, Refinement, Delicacy and Charm.

Orchids are the biggest group of flowering plants exceeding twenty five thousand types and over one hundred thousand varieties. They are often cultivated as houseplants, or added to flower arrangements.

Yet not all orchid flowers will be tropical beauties. Wild orchids flourish globally and are generally available on each continent except Antarctica. These flowers are known to be difficult to cultivate, most likely for the reason that require filtered sun rays and high relative humidity. Numerous varieties, like the butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis) are amazingly effortless to grow as houseplants.

Meaning Orchids

Offering an orchid is not an innocuous present. Like all flowers, the orchid has its symbolism, but a strong symbolism that evokes seduction, extreme beauty, sensuality … Depending on its color, the orchid delivers a specific message. To offer orchids that correspond to your thoughts and feelings, here is a little overview of the symbolism and the meaning of these mesmerizing flowers according to their hue:

Offer pink or mauve orchids for tenderness and seduction

Offering pink orchids is a romantic and simple way to express the tenderness you bring to a person. Symbol of youth but also of beauty, the pink or mauve color for a flower that always evokes sweetness. You can offer a pink orchid to a friend, to a loved one you cherish or to a tender love. The phalaenopsis orchids with shades of pink and mauve will be perfect for you to express the attachment that you carry to the person who will receive it. By its muting color, the pink or purple flower can be a nice attempt to seduce while delicacy; a pretty present as graceful as it is malicious.

Offer white orchids to say love and joy

To offer white orchids is, of course, a symbol of purity, innocence and cheerfulness. The white flower is elegant and has always embody refinement. You can offer a white orchid to evoke the beauty and perfection of the person who receives it. This virgin and pure color perfectly embodies the joy and confidence that inspires your dear and affectionate or one of your loved ones. The white orchid will express to you the pure and idealized love you feel. The blooming white phalaenopsys orchid will be perfect to embody the most beautiful and simple feelings that you feel for a being who is dear to you.

In summary: to offer an orchid is to send a message of love and sensuality

The orchid is an intense flower that is offered to express strong feelings.The orchid thus embodies the supreme beauty, splendor and sensuality. They speak of love and seduction. The orchid is above all the flower of supreme passion. The color then determines the nuances of this love but always remains a sensual and mysterious flower that we must offer with pleasure and fervor. The person object of your love or desire can only be filled by this original flower less known than the rose. Offer orchids and let the colorful petals deliver your message of love.

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