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The rose is the best known flower in the world, but do we really know it? In the following article we will try to describe the rose in more depth so that we know it better. Because we all know that it is the rose of passion and that the most popular is the red variety, but there are many more things that can be said about it.

The first thing we have to know is that roses belong to the Rosaceae family. Its Spanish name comes directly from the Latin “rosa”, which means the rose flower or the stem of the rose. Or what is the same, the flower that is born from the roses. Therefore, to talk about roses we must talk about roses.

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More About Roses

Roses are climbers or shrubs. Sometimes we can even find them hanging. The rose bushes have dimensions that are around 2-5 meters high, although climbers of almost 20 meters have been found. Its stems are semi-milky, rough and flaky. They usually have spines and also an erect shape, although it is not uncommon to find creeping stems.

These flowers in their natural state are generally pink, although we already know that the best known in the world are those of red, a worldwide symbol of love and passion. Whatever the color, they are aromatic.

The “fruit” of its flowers is known as the rose hip, and is composed of multiple small dried fruits separated and enclosed in a fleshy receptacle.

The garden roses (the most popular of all) are mainly characterized by the multiplication of its nested petals, which give the flower that form of his so characteristic.

Appreciated for its beauty and fragrance, the rose has been admired since ancient times by poets, writers and painters. Her popularity has made her the ” queen of flowers ” in the western world (peonies dispute that title in the East), and is present in almost every garden and is the protagonist of most of the flower bouquets.

And we must not forget that the rose is one of the most cultivated plants in the world and occupies the first place in the market of cut flowers.

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