Pink Roses Delivery

Pink Roses Delivery

Pink roses symbolize grace, delicacy and elegance, and are given primarily to express admiration and sympathy. Bouquets of pink roses are much more delicate than bouquets of red roses and express very similar, though not as intense, feelings. With a rose of pink tones we show discreet but deep love.

The pink color of these flowers can express sweetness, femininity, elegance and refinement. Depending on the own shade of pink we will also be expressing different feelings, and that is that a dark pink color shows gratitude and appreciation, while a paler shade symbolizes tolerance, admiration and happiness.

Pink can also be a perfect color to combine with other colors of roses and decrease their intensity. For example, if you want to show passion with a bouquet of red roses but do not want to show too much daring, combining them with others of pink tones will give the whole lightness.

Meaning of Pink Roses

Did you know that the most abundant roses on the planet are pink? Hence the name of the flower. When we give a pink rose, we seek to evoke feelings of admiration for that person, letting them know our pride is in our friendship or love. In other meanings, this rose is also excellent for conveying gratitude, although it has also been associated with sweetness, refinement and daring. Pink roses have also been used as a symbol of femininity, motherhood or tolerance. See our red roses!

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