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Meaning of purple roses

Nothing says more “I loved you from the first moment I saw you” than a bouquet of purple roses. Being a rose that is only achieved by hybridization, these flowers are in themselves unique and special. Its so seductive color is precisely a clear synonym that the person who receives it has captivated its admirer from the first moments. Therefore, to communicate that overflowing fascination, purple roses are used, although they also represent magic, melancholy, creativity, luxury or dignity.

A bouquet of purple roses has the ability to make a smile on the face of the lucky person who receives it. And even more if that person is your partner. In recent years, purple roses have gained great popularity among people, especially to give to loved ones.

Many people also use this type of purple roses to decorate their homes or for ornamental purposes primarily at wedding ceremonies. If you dare to grow roses of that color in your garden or terrace, these roses will enhance the beauty of the rest of the flowers you have.

More info On Purple Roses

Within this type of roses, the best known are the variety of Dark Purple roses , with a very dark purple shade. However in the market you can find other varieties with tones that tend more to lavender or mauve. Varieties of roses in this color there are many and varied.

It is rare to find purple roses in nature. In fact, the main purple roses we find are works of human beings through the hybridization of different roses . The first rose that was created in this color was in 1800 and was obtained as a result of the selection of European roses with oriental varieties.

The purple color in a rose represents love at first sight. The beauty of the purple rose is charming and captivating, and those same feelings are what are transmitted by giving it away. Giving this type of roses means that a person has fallen madly in love with the recipient.

These express fascination and attraction to someone. However, this fascination is not so real if the tone of the rose tends to violet. The darker the color, the more intense and true the feeling. 

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