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Meaning Of Red Roses

Its popularity among roses is not a cause of chance. The beauty transmitted by a red rose is totally incomparable, especially if we seek to express feelings of excessive passion, wild love and affection. 

At the same time, red is also a symbol of courage, fervor and power, although, on the other hand, a red rose bud is synonymous with young and fragile love, while a withered red rose refers to a love devoid of passion. During the marriage, the red roses expresses the complicity and intimacy of a couple.

About Red Roses 

Words or images will never convey the perfection of the beauty and grandeur of the red rose. The red rose is undoubtedly the most beautiful among flowers. Even the beautiful Cleopatra used the red rose to decorate the floor of her room. And it is the red rose that brings warmth, affection and love to varying degrees. That is why the red rose is the queen of flowers, and the most popular and beloved of all.

Desire is one of the facets of the red rose. These express the passion and attraction of a new or renewed love. Red is the color of wild desire. The meaning of the red rose is in this case similar to the meaning of the color itself in real life, since red conveys this series of feelings. A red rose speaks of a love that hopes to be expressed in a passionate way.

Red roses are the most popular on Valentine’s Day, so their price skyrockets in February. The red rose (especially if we give a single red rose) expresses a I love you deeply “. Bright red roses are interpreted as the ultimate expression of romanticism and passionate love. Its red glow expresses these emotions perfectly.

In addition to beauty and passion, red roses also symbolize courage. This is the symbol of power, as we saw before knowing that Cleopatra had her room adorned with red roses. If you want to congratulate someone for a job well done expressing respect and admiration, these roses are at your disposal.

A red rose bud also has its own meaning. This represents young, fresh and innocent love. Unopened buds are very attractive and show the innocent beauty of adolescence expressing purity.

A withered red rose has a more negative sense. He talks about a love that has passed, a passion that has lost its strength and a love that is dying. An almost black dark red rose indicates mourning and sadness.

Red roses in marriage have a totally different meaning. These express an accomplice and dedicated love. It is a love that is growing strongly, far from monotony. A passion full of freshness.

Finally I comment a curiosity that is commonly unknown, and is that red roses are not the most abundant. The truth is that pink roses are the most numerous, but the red ones are the most popular worldwide.

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