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White Roses Meaning

Simply put, white roses represent the innocence and purity of the heart. On Valentine’s Day they can be used to convey a feeling of true love towards the couple or towards our love interest, although it is at weddings where we usually see these flowers. The white roses accompany the bride during the wedding ceremony as a simile of the couple’s life that awaits her, and also as a synonym for respect and fidelity.

White roses symbolize purity, charm and innocence in the language of flowers White roses are very elegant and refined, and are very suitable flowers to express deep gratitude to a person.

About White Roses

These have a deep and mysterious side. They are perfect flowers to give on Valentine’s Day to a person who still does not know for sure what you feel or the intensity of your love, since they have long been synonymous with secret love.

Unlike the red roses that express the passion of a love, the white roses recognize eternal love, honor and respect for a relationship, especially when given to a person with authority or when used in celebrations or events .

White roses at weddings

White roses are very present flowers at weddings. The reason is because of their symbology, since they represent the new and pure union of two people. The use of these roses in these ceremonies is popularized since Queen Victoria (United Kingdom) will carry a bouquet of white roses at her wedding in 1840.

White roses symbolize pure love, innocence and loyalty of the bride with her husband.

White roses at funerals

At the end of a life, a white rose symbolizes the promise of heaven and the purity of everything that was innocent of that person’s life. Used in bouquets or alone, white roses adorn the church benches or places near the deceased person. These symbolize condolences, memory and hope. A metaphor for hope and a new beginning.

White roses can also be used by those who cannot attend the funeral, as a way of showing respect. Sending a dozen white roses are an excellent example of sympathy.

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