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Yellow Roses Meaning

The color yellow has been commonly associated with intelligence, optimism and abundance, but in the case of yellow roses, they have a very particular meaning. If you want to give it to a friend,  yellow roses are excellent, because they symbolize joy, brotherly love and good beginnings. On the other hand, if you want to win back your partner or ask for forgiveness, there is nothing like giving him a bouquet of yellow roses, since they also convey feelings of renewal and good energies.

About Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are one of the most popular colors of roses in the world, along with red and white. While reds are more used among lovers to show passion and white ones are used in family environments to show respect, yellow roses focus more on friendship and joy.

And those are the languages ​​of yellow roses, showing love (but in a much less passionate way), friendship, joy and respect. These types of roses are very popular especially among young people, in which friendship is more present than sentimental love.

The sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The feelings associated with this color are often similar to those shared with a real friend. That is why the yellow rose is a symbol of joy and friendship .

If you like this color and would like to give it to your partner from here we advise you because the language of yellow roses in love transmits anything flattering. A yellow rose represents the betrayal of infidelity. Although if you want to ask for forgiveness and regret in such a situation, this type of rose can help you.

The relationship of the yellow flowers with the infidelities is found in a legend that shows us the story of Aisha, Muhammad’s favorite wife . He suspected Aisha’s infidelity with a young Persian and went to ask for the opinion of the archangel Gabriel.

Upon his return, Aisha received him with a bouquet of red roses. Following the instructions of the archangel, the prophet asked him to throw them into the river, knowing that if they changed color, his suspicions would be confirmed.

And the fatal surprise was that the treacherous roses became saffron yellow !! From that moment yellow roses were a symbol of marital infidelity forever.

We generally recommend giving a bouquet of yellow roses to friends or couples to whom we want to apologize for a problem of infidelity or jealousy. But to avoid ambiguities, do not forget to accompany the flowers with a small note.

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